PATCH (Parents And Teachers, Children)

We are a group of people consisting of parents, carers, and school staff. Our aims are:

  • To provide positive events for children, parents, carers and the local community
  • To raise money for the school
  • To encourage links with the local community

During the past year we have organised a variety of events including: Christmas Bingo, School Discos, Murder Mystery Events, Charity Coffee Mornings, Charity Events, Professional Pantomimes and ‘A day at the seaside’ at home.

If you are enthusiastic, have lots of ideas or would just like to come along to help please see a member of PATCH or call in at the school office.


Mr K Heaton – Headteacher

Mrs Moses – Chairperson

Mrs Campbell – Deputy Chairperson

Samantha O’Loughlin – Treasurer

Jane Ivanov – Secretary

Janet Matthews

Nicola Bates

Chris Banks

Mrs Tichy

Emma Higham

Sue Williams

Emma Rogers

Clare Leary

Jacqui Smith

Suzanne Wiggins

Sarah Yates

Andrea Power

Michelle Dykes

Alyson Wall

Kate Timmins

Jacqui Nolan

Julie Heard

Tracy Birkett

Mary Hunter

Lucie Sainsbury

Toni Robinson

Nicola Cummins