Nursery – Miss Dalton & Mrs Ward

Welcome to Nursery.

Our classroom offers a welcoming, safe, secure and stimulating learning environment were children learn through playing and exploring. Our environment allows children to develop self-esteem, independence, confidence and social learning skills. Our schools core values: Determination, Resilience, Empowerment, Appreciation, Motivation and Safety (DREAMS) are embedded in our daily routine. We work in partnership with parents/carers to ensure a smooth transition from home to our setting. We hold a Family Library Time Session once a week and Stay and Play Sessions throughout the year to build on these relationships, share good practice and build confidence. We provide equal opportunities for all and plan appropriate next steps following children’s interests.

Miss Dalton (Class Teacher – Nursery)

RD- Miss Doyle, Miss Harris, Miss Swift & Mrs Brown

Welcome to RD.

Our classroom is a safe, stimulating and engaging environment where children can explore and investigate through play. We help children to develop their love of learning at the start of their school journey. We aim to create a classroom where children feel valued and can grow in confidence and create wonderful memorable experiences. We encourage children to become successful independent learners who are keen to find out new things for themselves and explore their world around them. Our children can focus on their development in a caring environment, where they are happy, settled and safe. Our team is dedicated to bringing the best out of the children and can plan for learning through the children’s interests and needs. Every child has a learning journey which will document their progression and their own unique experiences throughout reception.

Miss Doyle (Class Teacher – Reception)

RL- Miss Latta, Mrs McInnes & Mrs Moses

Welcome to RL

In our class we aim to provide children with the best possible start to school life. We provide a safe and stimulating environment supporting children’s well-being and development, ensuring children feel valued, safe and secure. We make learning enjoyable and engaging by learning through play, investigating, exploring and provide hands on experiences. We aim for all children to become independent, confident learners, who have their own ideas and enjoy learning about the world around them. In reception we incorporate children’s interests into our learning, we set achievable challenges always encouraging children to try their best. Every child has a learning journey which documents their progression and their own unique experiences throughout reception. We aspire to help children develop a love for learning and create memorable experiences children will cherish.

Miss Latta (Class Teacher – Reception)