Meet our Head Boy and Head Girl


I am proud to be Head Boy at Florence Melly and it is a really great job to have. I love our blazers and our badges, they make me feel important. I love coming to Florence Melly. It is really fun and we always do really exciting activities. I love our maths days when we have to put our skills to the test and Mathletics of course.  My favourite subjects in school are maths and history. My favourite trip out was when we went to Spring City because we had the best attendance in the school. I love it when we win the attendance awards. Outside of school, I like to play football, play my Xbox, play with my sister and, dare I say it, do my homework! I also like watching Liverpool, they are my favourite team.


I love being Head Girl and I was so happy when I was chosen to represent our school as Head Girl. I like it when we show visitors and special guests around our school and talk to them about life at Florence Melly. My favourite subjects in school are English and art. I like our Accelerated Reader project, it is really exciting and I like competing against my friends to see how many books I can read! What I like most about our school is that there is always somebody to talk to when you have a problem or if you are worried. My favourite trip…when we went to Colomendy at the beginning of the year. It was a great way to get to know everyone in our year group and participate in outdoor activities, working as a team. In my spare time, I like to dance which I do twice a week and I like listening to Little Mix. They are so inspirational.

The children at Florence Melly Community Primary really are the ‘jewels in our crown’. They are truly exceptional,  these two in particular, our Head Boy and Head Girl. They are fantastic role models for our pupils and are two of the most hardworking, committed and inspirational pupils we have ever had at our school. Earlier this week, we interviewed them both to find out a little more about them! This is what they had to say…

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