1B – Miss Burnett & Ms Harwood

Welcome to 1B.

As the class teacher, moving up from Reception to Year 1 was very rewarding and it enabled a positive and smooth transition from EYFS to KS1. As well as myself, we have Ms Harwood supporting the children  and Mrs Hourihan who will be covering my maternity. Together we aim to provide a supportive, enriching and well planned curriculum that suits all learners. We encourage our children to be independent, motivated and strong individuals who have a growth mind-set and are not afraid to make mistakes.

This year, we will cover lots of interesting topics such as, the human body, the UK, capital cities, flight and lots more!

Year 1 is an extremely important year as we will take the phonic screening check during a week in June. Phonics is a passion of mine and I currently lead phonics across our school. This test comprises a list of 40 words and non-words, which a child will read one-to-one with a teacher. Half the words cover phonic skills which are usually covered in Reception, and half the words are based on Year 1 phonics skills. The assessment will be age-appropriate, with children sitting with their teacher and reading one-to-one. It should be an enjoyable activity for children which takes no more than a few minutes. Parents will be informed in July of your children’s scores.

At Florence Melly Primary School, we often check phonic development within our approach to the assessment of reading. This screening forms part of our overall assessment procedure. However, there are a number of things that parents can do to support early reading skill development.

  • Let your child see you enjoying reading yourself – they are influenced by you and what you value!
  • Immerse your child in a love of reading: share books and magazines with your child, take them to the library to choose books, read to them regularly, point out texts around you e.g. in the street etc.
  • Make time for your child to read school books to you regularly – encourage them by pointing to the words and ask them about the
    story they are reading.
  • Help your child to practise reading key words and sounds when these are sent home.
  • Practise making up words – make your own Aliens!
  • Remember! We are here to help your child to do their very best.
  • Finally, complete homework as this will support your child.

Miss Burnett (Class teacher – 1B)

1W – Mrs Wells, Miss Styles & Mr Reed

Welcome to 1W.

Year 1 is the first year of Key Stage 1 after the children have left Early Years. It is a year where the children make lots of progress in their learning and become more independent, both in their learning and in their general development.
The teachers in Year 1 will work hard to create a safe, engaging and enriching learning environment which will enable the children to develop their independence. The children will be encouraged to try things for themselves, use the working walls if they are stuck and to challenge themselves. We welcome mistakes – they are proof that learning is happening!

We have just 3 class rules in 1W, which the children came up with themselves at the start of the year when they created a class charter:

1. We follow instructions.

2. We respect everyone and everything.

3. We keep hands, feet and objects to ourselves.

Following these rules keeps our classroom a happy environment conductive to great learning.

This year we will learn about toys from the past, our bodies and the bodies of other animals, the history of flight and many other exciting subjects. The children will learn many skills, as well as knowledge through these subjects and trips out will enrich our learning.

Mrs Wells (Class teacher – 1W)