2M – Mrs Matthews

Welcome to 2M.

In 2M we thrive on hard work and a commitment to learning. I love teaching in Year 2 and can’t describe how happy I am that I have the opportunity to work with such an amazing class. I always ensure that every child in my care is challenged and provided with every opportunity to reach their full potential. Year 2 can be a difficult year with SAT’s in May, but as a class we combat this through regular interventions and targeted after-school clubs.

Our curriculum is full of engaging and exciting topics, from investigating melting chocolate in Science to exploring Guy Fawkes in History. We show a love of learning through everything we do. In Year 2 we know that it’s important to show the children that we don’t just work hard, we play hard too. We have the opportunity to attend a residential in Colomendy, where the children learn team building skills and challenge themselves is a vital part of their personal and emotional development.

We’ll be making some fantastic memories that the children and I will treasure.

Mrs Matthews (Class Teacher – 2M)

2P – Mrs Pryce & Mrs Woodhouse

Welcome to 2P

In 2P we work as a team to support and help each other. We always work to the best of our ability and always try our best in everything we do. Having moved from Year 3 to Year 2 this academic year, Mrs Woodhouse and I are enjoying the challenge of KS1 and are working tirelessly getting the children ready for their SAT’s in May. Year 2 can be a tricky year but by demonstrating resilience and determination (two of our core values) I know that the children will achieve their goals. In 2P we are never afraid of making mistakes as this shows were a re learning and we enjoy taking up challenges that improve and develop our skills and knowledge!

We will complete many exciting topics across all areas of the curriculum this year like melting chocolate in Science and observing what happens when it is heated. We will also learn about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot, looking at London and the Houses of Parliament and where in the World we live in contrast to St Lucia in Geography. We will also be going on a trip to Colomendy which will build the pupils confidence and team building skills. It is all really exciting in Year 2!

I am very much looking forward to helping the children progress and perform to the best of their abilities. I want to create fantastic memories which will stay with them throughout their lives.

Mrs Pryce (Class Teacher – 2P)