4T – Mrs Dentith & Ms Trimm

Welcome to 4T.

I am very pleased to have my class back from Year 2 and cannot believe how much the children have grown and blossomed during their time in Year 3. In our class, Ms Trimm and I will ensure all children work extremely hard to reach their potential. We are here to support the children and their parents whenever needed. During this academic year, we will be looking forward to a new and exciting curriculum, including topics like: The Victorians, Electricity, World War II and many more. I’m sure the children will be keen to practise their times tables and engage in new challenges throughout the year. I am particularly excited about teaching physical education and encouraging our pupils to get involved in the extensive range of extra-curricular sporting activities we have on offer. PE is my area of responsibility in school and a subject area I feel passionate about. We will do everything in our power to ensure all the children in 4T have an enjoyable time this year and firmly believe that they will make many memories that they will cherish!

Mrs Dentith (Class Teacher – 4T)

4D – Mr Derbyshire, Mrs Sainsbury & Ms Conlon

Welcome to 4D.

Our classroom is a fun and energetic environment, full of determined and motivated learners. As the class teacher, I aim to motivate the pupils by providing lots of exciting learning opportunities and to support them in becoming more resilient and independent learners across all areas of the curriculum. In 4D, we pride ourselves on how well behaved we are and this certainly does not go unnoticed as I am considered to be ‘The King of Dojos’. We always aim to be the best class in the school and one way of doing this is to ensure we always refer back to our schools six core values: Determination, Resilience, Empowerment, Appreciation, Motivation, Safety (DREAMS). I encourage the pupils to display these each and every day.

This year we will cover many exciting topics such as: South America and Volcanoes. As a very keen historian myself, I am particularly excited about teaching topics such as the Romans. I am responsible for leading History across the school and I’m sure that I can enthuse and engage the pupils in my class to become keen historians too. We always look to deepen our understanding in each subject area through enrichment trips and visits to places of interest such as Fiddler’s Ferry Power Station and the World Museum. I believe that if we all work together as a team, then we will have a very enjoyable and successful year.

Mr Derbyshire (Class Teacher – 4D)