5B – Mr Size-Baillie, Mrs Fearnley & Mr Moore

Welcome to 5B.

After having my last class for two years, having a new group of children is an exciting change! My classroom is a place full of energy and my aim is to have the maximum impact on your child’s learning, by providing a stimulating and challenging environment.

In 5B, we have high expectations of each and every child from the moment they start their journey through upper KS2. The pupils are reminded of the core values of the school (D.R.E.A.M.S) and this is promoted on a daily basis. I believe that the children should help scope their journey in Year 5, so regularly discuss their learning with them. Year 5 is such an exciting and important year in your child’s primary school experience, and we cover a plethora of topics including ‘Crime and Punishment’, ‘Anglo-Saxons’ and ‘Forces’. There is always something of interest happening in our classroom. As Computing Lead, I strive to build cross curricular links with  our topics and this year we will cover robotics, animation and programming as well as a variety of other enthralling topics.

I have every confidence that your child will have a successful and enjoyable year.

Mr Baillie (Class Teacher – 5B)

5W – Mr Walsh, Ms Campbell, Ms Dean & Mr Pearson

Welcome to 5W.

In our classroom we like to work as a team (together everyone achieves more) where all pupils (and staff) can feel safe and happy in achieving their full potential. We set high expectations with challenging but achievable targets for every child to aim for. The children are now in upper key stage 2 where we encourage them to use their metacognition skills to become more independent and autonomous learners.

In Year 5 we firmly believe that every child matters and we have a fantastic team who enable every child to access the curriculum at the correct level and pace. Ms Dean and Mrs Campbell work extremely hard to offer extra support for pupils at all levels, to ensure they reach their full potential.

We like to invite our parents and carers to be a part of our team band encourage them to complete projects to do at home. Already this year the children have produced some excellent work that the children can feel extremely proud of.

Mr Walsh (Class Teacher – 5W)