5B – Mr Size-Baillie, Mrs Fearnley & Mr Moore

Welcome to 5B.

Year 5 is an important year in your child’s life as they begin their journey into upper Key Stage Two. I am dedicated to providing the best learning experience to your child throughout the year and creating some memorable experiences along the way. Sometimes, we need to show resilience as the work increases but I believe in empowering the children to be their own problem solvers and autonomous thinkers. In Year 5, we all have an appreciation for your child’s learning and we strive to motivate them everyday to achieve their dreams. Above all, we aim to keep your child safe as they transition to become independent learners.

Mr Walsh and I work collaboratively to ensure your child`s learning is consistent. We cover a broad curriculum, with some exciting topics such as Crime and Punishment, Space and South America. I have every confidence that Year 5 will be an enjoyable and successful time in my class.

Mr Baillie (Class Teacher – 5B)

5W – Mr Walsh & Mrs Woodhouse

Welcome to 5W.

As the children start their journey into upper key stage 2 we like to encourage them  to become more independent learners.  The children can contribute to planning and creating their own curriculum. We hope to create many memorable learning experiences for the children to keep from their time in year 5. Throughout the year we would like to bring the curriculum to life by visiting places relevant to the topic.

In year 5 we pride ourselves on delivering a broad and balanced curriculum where the children can be challenged to reach their full potential.

Mr Baillie and I work as a team to set high expectations for every child across the year. A new member to our team is Mrs Woodhouse who will work closely with specific groups to enhance further learning.

Mr Walsh (Class Teacher – 5W)

Year 5 Expectations

Year 5 Maths Achievement Statements Year 5 Reading Achievement Statements Year 5 Writing Achievement Statements

Whole-School Curriculum Map

 Flo  Flo
Whole-School Curriculum Map 2018/19 Whole-School Curriculum Map 2018/19 Whole-School Curriculum Map 2018/19

Year 5 Foundation Subject Curriculum Map

Year 5 Curriculum Map