6A – Miss Byott & Miss Waters

Welcome to Year 6A.

Year 6 is an extremely important year where we value every individual and work as a team. The children are encouraged to try their best and are given every opportunity to reach their full potential and create some memorable experiences.

This year we have a great deal of new learning to undertake, as well as revise all of our previous learning in preparation for our SATs. In Year 6 we ensure all our learning focuses on our school values to ensure our pupils become more determined, resilient, empowered, appreciative and motivated learners. Following the core values will enable them to flourish and give them the skills to be lifelong learners.

Our pupils mature so much during Year 6 and they thoroughly enjoy the added responsibility Year 6 brings. Younger pupils look up to us and we encourage Year 6 pupils to be excellent role models. I would like to thank all parent/carers for your valued support and I am sure this will yet again be another enjoyable and successful year.

Miss Byott (Class Teacher – 6A)

6F – Ms Foley

Welcome to 6F.

This year, our aim is to encourage each and every individual to aim high to achieve their full potential and to create many memorable experiences along the way.

Our classroom will be a hub of inquisitiveness, challenge, aspiration and regular feedback as the children will be encouraged to achieve in all aspects of school life. In year 6, it’s all about teamwork. Our classroom is a place where mutual respect is vital to our learning – our class mantra being ‘Be respectful; be responsible; be ready.’ We believe that with a clear understanding of agreed expectations every individual will flourish and excel. Our DREAMS core values will facilitate this as we work together to develop our independence and love of learning.

Year 6 is such an important and special year that allows the opportunity for the children to undertake added responsibilities as we equip our young people for moving onto secondary schools and empower them with skills for the future.

Ms Foley (Class Teacher – 6F)

6S – Mr Southern

Welcome to 6S.

This year we have a great deal of new learning to undertake, as well as revisit our previous learning in preparation for our SATs. Throughout Year 6 we will be focusing on developing our pupils on becoming more confident, motivated, resilient, independent and creating memorable moments. Year 6 gives pupils the opportunity to take on added responsibilities to prepare themselves for secondary school and develop themselves on their learning journey. Using our DREAMS core values we will also equip our pupils with skills for the future.

Our group is an addition to 6B and 6F. The teaching and learning is focused on the Maths and English curriculum. My group consists of 12 pupils, 6 from both 6B and 6F and cover the same objectives as other Year 6 pupils. Due to our group being a lot smaller than a usual class, this allows us to create a more personalised learning environment and ensure that individual needs are met.

Every pupil in my group understands the challenges that await them in Year 6. As a team, we agree that with hard work and determination we will make this an enjoyable year with excellent results. I would like to thank all parent/carers for your valued support and I am sure this will be a successful year.

Mr Southern (Class Teacher – 6F)

Year 6 Expectations

Year 6 Maths Achievement Statements Year 6 Reading Achievement Statements Year 6 Writing Achievement Statements