6A – Miss Byott & Miss Waters

Welcome to Year 6A.

This year we have a great deal of new learning to undertake, as well as revise all our previous learning in preparation for our SATs. It is also a time to enjoy some extra responsibility and challenges. In Year 6 we ensure all our learning focuses on our school values to make sure our pupils become more confident, motivated, resilient and most importantly, independent learners. Younger pupils look up to us and we are encouraged to be excellent role models.

Our pupils mature so much during Year 6 and they thoroughly enjoy the added responsibility Year 6 brings. I would like to thank all parent/carers for your valued support and I am sure this will yet again be another enjoyable and successful year.

Miss Byott (Class Teacher – 6A)

6B – Miss Bear & Mrs Hughes

Welcome to 6B.

6B is the place to be as we value every individual and work as a team. It is a place where mutual respect is nurtured and every child is supported and encouraged to do their best. My class is full of hardworking, eager and resilient learners who are given every opportunity to reach their full potential and dreams. They know that making mistakes is part of their learning journey and using our DREAM core values will enable them to flourish and give them the skills to become life long learners.

A day in 6B is jam packed with a variety of creative, motivating and fun  lessons that will bring the children’s learning to life. My aim and passion is to shape the future of the children in my class by planning and providing lessons and resources that are inspiring, worthwhile and inclusive. My lessons will give the children the experiences and opportunities that they deserve promoting their inquisitiveness, challenge and independence at the same time. The children will have the opportunity to develop their learning through a variety of exciting topics working independently, in a pair or as a group. My class receive regular feedback which will give them important information and next steps to improve their learning.

6B is full of amazing children who want to learn. As we all know, Year 6 is an important year and Mrs Hughes and I will do everything in our power to get the very best out of the children. Year 6 is also a special year as the children will mature and make lots memories that will last a lifetime. I believe that by everyone working together (and closely with parents/carers), we can make it a successful and enjoyable year for all.

Miss Bear (Class Teacher – 6B)

6F – Ms Foley

Welcome to 6F.

Our group is additional to 6A and 6B. The teaching is focused on the English and maths curriculum. Our DREAMS school values are at the core of our learning as we are preparing to equip individuals with skills for the future.

My group consists of a small number of pupils from both classes. We cover exactly the same objectives as other pupils in Year 6. As our group is much smaller, we are able to clarify mistakes and make improvements quickly. Our main aims are to develop independence, confidence and for every child to make accelerated progress in English and maths.

Every young person in this group is determined to achieve to their full potential. They all understand that hard work is key to their success – as a team, we agree that it is our mission to work together to achieve this. Here, all your children are dedicated as they strive to achieve and excel. They are becoming more and more proud of their achievements day by day – as am I.

Ms Foley (Class Teacher – 6F)