6A – Miss Byott & Miss Waters

Welcome to Year 6AB. This year we have a great deal of new learning to undertake, as well as revise all our previous learning in preparation for our SATs. It is also a time to enjoy some extra responsibility and challenges. All the learning and experiences in Year 6 help us to develop into independent, responsible and confident individuals who are ready for the move to secondary school. Younger pupils look up to us, and we are encouraged to be excellent role models.

6N – Miss Bear & Mrs Hughes

A day in 6N is jam packed with a variety of different lessons and fun activities that will bring your child’s learning to life. 6N is full of super learners who are ready and waiting to learn and try their absolute best. As well as working super hard, everyone in 6N understands importance of working together and being a team. We value and respect everyone’s opinion and we look out for each other which makes this a fantastic and safe environment to work in.

6N’s super learners have the opportunity to develop their learning through independent, paired and group work. Your child’s learning will be assessed on a daily basis and interventions will be put into place if needed. Trips out will be arranged to give your child a first hand experience of some of the topics we learn about.

I believe that by all of us working together and closely with parents/carers, we can make it a successful and enjoyable year. As we all know, Year 6 is an important year therefore I would like to highlight that myself and the other staff involved in your child’s education will do everything in our power to get the very best out of your children.

Please access the Year 6 photo gallery by clicking the link below. This will direct you to Flickr, a web based photo storage site, where all of our photographs are safely stored. You can also access the Year 6 Twitter feed from here too.