In this section, you will find information about our school’s reading curriculum, including: 

  • the names of the phonics and reading schemes we are using in KS1

Developing a Culture of Reading for Pleasure

At Florence Melly Community Primary School, we aim to ensure that all children are given access to a rich and varied curriculum which encourages them to read an extensive variety of books and other forms of texts. 

We actively encourage reading for pleasure. We want children to enjoy reading. We’re improving reading at school by ensuring that every class has a reading area. It was extremely important that the changes should be led by the pupils. A focus group of children were asked what they wanted from their library and then the redesigning began. Our library is now colourful and eye-catching. There are comfy areas to read quietly. There are many more books and now, they are organised into categories. Children can borrow books using their library cards. This is just the beginning.

Children are encouraged to read for pleasure whenever they have time, but it is also on the timetable. Staff are role models: they share their favourite books; they discuss their opinions of books and they exchange recommendations.

We have lots of events and activities to engage the support of parents and families, and the wider community, in helping to promote the enjoyment of reading. For example, we celebrated World Book Day by having a World Book Week! All children were involved with either a trip to Waterstones or a trip to Liverpool Central library. Everyone was invited to dress as their favourite story character on World Book day. On the final day, Katrice Horsley (National Storytelling Laureate 2012 – 2014) came to the school. She enthralled and inspired children and adults alike. Other events include: regular reading assemblies, come read with me (reading at lunchtime), mystery readers, outdoor readers, breakfast time reading club, Roald Dahl celebrations, Beanstalk Readers and the offer of local library membership.

The school has committed to a book-based approach to English and cross curricular planning in which a particular quality text is used as the basis for a whole half term’s work. Every class chooses a child to be reader of the week, to be awarded a certificate in assembly. We have reading ambassadors in every class. Ambassadors meet regularly to express their class’ views on reading and to discuss ways we could celebrate reading as a school. 

In KS1, phonics workshops were held to help parents understand how they can help their children to read. Throughout the year, parents are invited into school to enable more children to share reading with an adult and to be positive role models.