In this section you will find details regrading the PE and sport premium funding

It includes:

  • how much funding we received
  • a full breakdown of how we spent the funding or will spend the funding
  • the effect of the premium on pupils’ PE and sport participation and attainment
  • how we will make sure these improvements are sustainable

PE and Sport Premium Allocation for the Current Academic Year


PE and Sport Premium Allocation for 2016/17 is: £9680.00

Sports Premium 2016 – 2017 Funding Allocation

At Florence Melly we continue to establish an outstanding PE programme to develop a sporting culture which helps to improve all pupils’ physical wellbeing and lifestyles through a well planned programme of action to promote participation, progress, achievement and enjoyment.

We evaluate the impact of the Sports Premium Funding and monitor the increasing participation in PE and sport and our progress in encouraging our children to develop healthy lifestyles and reach the performance levels that they are capable of.

During the academic year of 2016-2017 we have worked closely with JM Education with specialist coaches especially in gymnastics and dance to help support our Pastoral Support Officer who delivers PE to most of the school. They have planned a thorough scheme of work and deliver the lessons confidently whilst always having an eye on assessment of the children’s progress. We are currently working on a traffic lights system for assessment which makes it easy to track children’s progress. JM Education also take an after schools club to give a lot of children the opportunity to learn or enhance their skills.

We continue to have strong community links with Liverpool and Everton Football clubs whereby our children are given the opportunity to participate in football tournaments throughout the year. We take the opportunity to take 8-9 pupils to football matches throughout the year at Anfield. Some of the children are pupil premium.

The overall impact of our Sports Premium Funding has resulted in outstanding pupil achievement in all areas of PE sport. (Girls football representing Liverpool for the 3rd year running in which last year 2015/2016 they became cup champions). Our school continues to have cross country champions and are in the top 3 in the boys team events. We have had district and city champions in both cross country and track. We have 3 students that support us in the cross country training and after schools competitions and have built up a good relationship with the staff and pupils and football.

We are also involved in the Year 6 Top Up programme in swimming and take all pupils swimming in Year 5 on a 10 week programme. Followed by Year 4 for at least 5 weeks each. By doing this we have successfully raised the standards of swimming in our school as this is a required life skill and feel that we have significantly increased the % of pupils who can now swim.

Sports Premium Activities:

Football, gymnastics, dance, multi-sports, cricket, basketball, badminton, tag rugby, athletics, cross country, tennis, trampolining, zorba football and cycling.

PE and Sport Premium Allocation for the Previous Academic Year – 2015-2016

PE and Sport Premium Allocation for 2015/16 was: £9, 707

Last year we received £9,707.00.  This was spent on enrolling in the Liverpool School Sports Partnership.  This provided specialist coaching and after school clubs.  Also enrolment of all the city wide sports competitions. The balance has been used in funding after school clubs and purchasing brand new tracksuits and athletics kits and equipment.

The funding has enabled children to access a range of outside agencies and encouraged participation in sport.