Florence Melly Community Primary School
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Curriculum Impact – Capturing Learning!

Our Curriculum Impact

Subject leaders provide staff with year group specific and whole-school curriculum maps which identify what is to be taught and when it is to be taught. These progression maps illustrate how our critical content and DREAM themes, for each subject area, are carefully woven to ensure suitable progression and repetition. Short-term plans are produced on a daily and weekly basis to set out the critical content for each lesson, identifying engaging activities, resources, high-quality texts and formative assessment opportunities which will be used to secure the intended learning outcomes. 

We use formative assessment information every day, in every lesson. On-going assessments lead to action to provide immediate feedback or identify if individuals or groups need to revisit, consolidate or move on (RCM). Staff use this information to inform their short-term planning and interventions – including in the foundation subjects. This enables us to provide the best possible support for all our pupils, including pupils with SEND and the most able.

Our Curriculum Lead has established an assessment framework to help support staff gather vital assessment information, at the right time, throughout topics. This framework includes using timely pre assessment quizzes to assess prior learning. These help to inform short-term planning and short-term interventions so that that the intended knowledge or ‘critical content’ is retained before moving on. Our purposeful formative assessments also help inform summative judgements for each child in each topic in every subject area. All topics end with post assessment quizzes, activities and extended writing tasks. Summative judgements are made against established assessment milestones. Staff use the following criteria: working towards the standard, at the expected standard and working a great depth for each child which are then analysed by our Senior and Subject Leaders and suitable curriculum adaptations and/or interventions made.

A robust cycle of monitoring is set out at the start of the academic year and developed in collaboration with teaching staff to address any necessary workload issues and promote transparency. Monitoring takes several different forms but often includes: book scrutinies, lesson observations and/or learning walks, pupil/parent and/or staff voice.

Pupil progress reviews are conducted half termly (formative) and termly (summative). This process provides the SLT, Governors and Subject Leaders with an accurate and comprehensive understanding of the quality of education in our school.

All of this information is gathered and reviewed and used to inform further curriculum developments and provision is adapted accordingly.