Florence Melly Community Primary School
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Curriculum Implementation – Our Curriculum Drivers!

Our Curriculum Implementation

We implement our BIG DREAMS through three main curriculum drivers. Theses are: our Core Curriculum offer, our Broad and Balanced Curriculum offer and our Cultural Capital Curriculum offer. Implementation is successful because of strong subject leadership and subject knowledge, high-quality first teaching, timely and effective intervention and purposeful formative and summative assessment practices – used to meet the needs of all pupils. 

  • Our Core Curriculum offer focuses on: Early Reading and Phonics, English, Mathematics and Science.
  • Our Broad and Balanced Curriculum offer explores: the wider foundation subjects including History, Geography, Art and Design, Design Technology, Physical Education, Music, Modern Foreign Languages and Computing.
  • Our Cultural Capital Curriculum offer draws together: PSHE, Relationship and Sex Education (RSE), Philosophy for Children (P4C), Religious Education, SMSC and British Values. As part of our Cultural Capital curriculum we embed key health, wellbeing and safety messages so that our children are provided with the knowledge and skills to be physically and mentally healthy and safe in school and beyond the classroom. We promote key safety messages including: how to stay safe online, an awareness of child on child abuse and how to recognise the signs of positive and poor mental health.

Each curriculum has been carefully crafted so that the learning opportunities, critical content, DREAM themes and key assessment milestones for each year group are known, understood and owned by our dedicated team. Our curriculum is suitably progressive and repetitive so that our pupils are taught the right critical content, at the right time, building upon what they already know and want to find out so that knowledge and skills are retained, embedded and transferred to long-term memory.

Our skilled subject leaders have developed subject specific characteristics which we expect the children to demonstrate in each discrete subject area. These characteristics underpin all work in these subjects, form a focal point for display areas and provide a common subject specific language for all stakeholders.

We have six school core values which permeate all aspects of school life at Florence Melly Community Primary. These values are centred round the acronym: DREAMS. A core value is allocated to each half term and is explored as a whole-school theme as part of our Cultural Capital and Health, Well-being and Safety Curricula. Weekly themes, under the core values umbrella theme, form the focus for our Cultural Capital lessons and assemblies.

The vast majority of subjects are taught discretely but staff make meaningful links across subjects to deepen children’s learning. We encourage staff, where possible, to teach a weekly lesson for each of the foundation subjects and the core subject of Science. This helps to ensure sufficient time is allocated to each subject area.