On Friday 20th March 2020, our school closed its gates until further notice as a response to the coronavirus pandemic. In order to provide a safe space for primary age pupils whose parents are key workers and have no other safe childcare available to them, we were identified by Liverpool City Council as a ‘Hub Site’ and opened on Monday 23rd March. One of 50+ hub sites across the city, we are open only for specific primary age pupils from 9am until 4pm.
Please use this link to access updates from our school in relation to the COVID-19 situation. In this section you will find updated online learning tasks for our pupils, messages from the Local Authority and Government and other important information and links. Thank you for your support and stay safe!

Reopening Guidance for ALL PARENTS

Please see attached an important update about our reopening. This information is for ALL PARENTS and illustrates Liverpool’s city-wide plan for re-opening the schools and how this affects our pupils, our families and our staff at our school. Stay safe! florencemelly.org/wp-content/upl

Child Protection Policy Update – COVID-19 School Closure Arrangements

This addendum to our Child Protection Policy specifies the details of our safeguarding arrangements during this time, until school is instructed it can safely fully open again.

Key Contacts incase of an Emergency

Prior to Florence Melly Community Primary School closing, and before receiving official guidance regarding who met the criteria of vulnerable children, our school safeguarding team identified who our most vulnerable children were and formulated a plan to monitor their safety and wellbeing during school closure. Additionally, we have created an emergency, out of hours, contact number for our Safeguarding Team should parents need to contact the school in the case of an emergency. Between the hours of 9:00am – 4:00pm, the school office number is available and our school staff are on site to support our school community. The email addresses of key staff members can be found below should you need to contact them. Additionally, a great way to liaise with our school staff is via our vibrant Twitter feed: @flomellynews 

Emergency, out of hours, contact number: 07862 260 163

School Contact Number: 0151 226 1929

The email address of our Acting Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead: a.leach@fmp.liverpool.sch.uk

The email address of our Inclusion Lead: k.baillie@fmp.liverpool.sch.uk

The email address of our SENCO: r.findell@fmp.liverpool.sch.uk

The email address of our Pastoral Support Officer: joseph.doyle@fmp.liverpool.sch.uk

The email address of our EHAT Lead: m.campbell@fmp.liverpool.sch.uk

The email address of our Chair of Governors/Link Safeguarding Governor: janet.matthews@fmp.liverpool.sch.uk

The email address of our school office: schooladmin@fmp.liverpool.sch.uk

Online Learning Tasks for our Pupils

In this section we will add a whole host of websites and links to brilliant resources being shared to help support parents and carers with home learning during the school closures. If you find any useful resources, please share them with our school community on our Twitter feed: @flomellynews 

Home Learning Challenges – 30/03/20 Home Learning Challenges – 02/04/20 Home Learning Challenges – 06/04/20 Home Learning Challenges – 14/04/20 Home Learning Challenges – 29/04/20
Home Learning Challenges – 18/05/20        

Last Updated 18/05/20

Please check out the fabulous resources from HeadStart Primary and their collection of Home School Learning Activity Booklets. They are a very simple, yet effective resource to help support you with the daunting task of home learning. Signing up is free, quick and easy. Visit: https://headstart-primary-ltd.myshopify.com/pages/free-resources for more details.

Check out these amazing resources from Yaiza, our Spanish teacher. Mrs Matthews, our MFL Lead, is very keen for Spanish to take centre stage at Florence Melly – why don’t you perfect your skills during lockdown! Days and Months Rhombus Spanish Puzzle and the Spanish Challenges

Please find attached, some more superb computing resources from Mr Peet! Enjoy…
KS1: https://www.loom.com/share/7cd7a534e80c42a8a95a857793eb6f43
Yr 3 and 4: https://www.loom.com/share/a638c82ef8914427a29d397094bca784
Yr 5 and 6: https://www.loom.com/share/e292ed3bf166401cba3eb53191eb0dec

Updated 13/05/20

Please find below a copy of this week’s Mental Health and Well Being Resource from Mr Doyle. This week the focus is on Connecting with Others, This is a key part of the NHS five steps to Well-Being. Check out some of the fabulous resources designed to help support your mental health and well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic. Enjoy… 

Updated 29/04/20

Please find a link to a copy of this week’s Mental Health and Well Being Resource from Mr Doyle. This week the focus is on Learning Something New, paying particular attention to food and cookery! Check out some of the fabulous resources deigned to help support your mental health and well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic. Enjoy…

Updated 27/04/20

Good afternoon all. We hope that this reaches you safe and well. On Friday we informed parents via Twitter that we would release more information today about our plans to distribute additional work packs and call our pupils. Please find below a letter from the SLT clarifying these arrangements. We hope that this helps! Thank you for your support and patience! Take Care – The Senior Leadership Team. https://florencemelly.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Additional-Work-Packs-and-Calling-Families-Letter-270420.pdf

Updated 21/04/20

MENTAL HEALTH and WELL-BEING RESOURCE – Issue 3, created by our very own Mr Doyle. This issue is focussed on the importance of exercise: https://florencemelly.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Mental-Health-Support-with-Mr-Doyle-210420.pdf 

Updated 20/04/20

The government  have brought together an initial list of online educational resources to help children to learn at home. These websites have been identified by some of the country’s leading educational experts and offer a wide range of support and resources for pupils of all ages: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-online-education-resources 

Launch of the Oak National Academy online classroom and resource hub! The @OakNational has today launched its online classroom and resource hub, offering 180 video lessons each week for schools to use, across a broad range of subjects. How marvellous: https://www.thenational.academy/

Launch of BBC Bitesize! The BBC has today launched an education package across TV and online, featuring celebrities and teachers, helping to keep children learning at home and supporting parents. BBC Bitesize can be accessed here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize

Here are some Ramadan resources from Imran Kotwal, who School Improvement Liverpool have previously commissioned to deliver training on teaching and learning about Islam: http://florencemelly.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/NEW-Ramadan-_-Eid-Worksheet.pdf and http://florencemelly.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Ramadhan-2020-NEW.pdf

Welcome to BookTrust HomeTime – Looking for something fun as a family? Enjoy storytime with their free online books and videos, play games, win prizes, test your knowledge in their book-themed quizzes, or even learn how to draw some of your favourite characters: https://www.booktrust.org.uk/books-and-reading/have-some-fun/?q&sortOption=AtoZ&pageNo=1#!?q=&sortOption=AtoZ&pageNo=1

STOPS is an online resource dedicated to the effective teaching of problem solving skills in mathematics, used in over 500 schools. For the duration of the COVID-19 crisis, they are making their resources available to you and families for free: https://www.stopsproblemsolving.co.uk/loginpage/Login_page.html

Fancy an afternoon of computing? Why don’t you check out these brilliant lessons from our very own Computing teacher – Mr Peet. They’re fab:

KS1: https://www.loom.com/share/943da45293d9432daa483594ccbbb687 KS2: https://www.loom.com/share/6bc26011a8d7496282665a69bb528322

The NSPPC have shared their online safety resources for families: https://www.o2.co.uk/help/nspcc/resources

Updated 18/04/20

The NEW Barefoot Computing home learning page is now live at barefootcomputing.org/homelearning​ Please share it far and wide! ​ With fun lesson-based activities and interactive games, children can work together with their families to develop their computational thinking skills.

Pie Corbett – ENGLISH home-school work – professionally produced, coherent FREE units are available for all year groups: https://www.talk4writing.co.uk/category/resources-x/resources-unit-planning/

Little fans of Room on the Broom will have hours of fun with these activity sheets: buff.ly/3crrqIJ

Are you a Reading Star? The World Book Day #ShareAStory Reading Star game encourages you to enjoy books & reading together at home, with different ways to share stories. Tick off a Reading Star each time you complete a task & have fun reaching all your stars! worldbookday.com/reading-stars/

Pobble thrilled to be collaborating with @WCSQM for #EarthDay2020 Why not join them for some creative writing? They’ve produced a special new lesson on creative ideas for a better future to celebrate. See it here: app.pobble.com/lessons/previe

Updated 17/04/20

Attention all parents/carers – check out this certificate of achievement to say thank you to our pupils for staying at home and staying safe! Print it, fill it in and celebrate our stay at home superstars! Maybe you could put it up in your window too! Enjoy…


Now here’s something fun for you to try this weekend! The brilliant @chrisriddell50 has drawn some of his wonderful illustrations… but they’re in search of stories to go with them! Can you help? Head this way to have a go: booktrust.org.uk/news-and-featu 

The brilliant @misspowellpeeps is sharing how to draw Tiny Ant from her lovely new book with Claire Freedman: booktrust.org.uk/hometime

Every week Camp Hill are releasing a printable outdoor learning resource, this week’s is ‘Pond Spots’ explore your local pond wildlife & learn along the way! To download for free: bit.ly/33OKJZr

Updated 14/04/20

MENTAL HEALTH and WELL-BEING RESOURCE – Issue 2, created by our very own Mr Doyle. This issue is focussed on improving the quality of sleep you get: https://florencemelly.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Mental-Health-Support-with-Mr-Doyle-140420.pdf 

How many fantastic facts do you know about the legendary storyteller @roald_dahl and his books? Test your knowledge with this quiz from @Booktrust booktrust.org.uk/books-and-read
We are SO excited about #Pyjamarama on 1 May! It’s all about spending the day in your PJs and joining families across the country for a fabulous online festival celebrating bedtime stories We’d love you to join us! Sign up for updates: booktrust.org.uk/books-and-read
Free Talk for Writing Home-school Booklets. We’ve produced eight FREE Home-school unit booklets. There’s one for each year group and they’re completely free to download. mailchi.mp/talk4writing/h

Updated 06/04/20

MENTAL HEALTH and WELL-BEING RESOURCE, created by our very own Mr Doyle: https://florencemelly.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Mental-Health-Support-with-Mr-Doyle-060420.pdf

Check out this amazing resource, found by our very own Miss Foley (what a legend). It’s a list of over 60+ viral trips and tours! How exciting: Virtual Tours and Trips

Mr Peat’s computing challenge: https://www.loom.com/share/6bc26011a8d7496282665a69bb528322 

Another great online computing lesson from MGL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XbJUiKR9bEk 

Updated – 02/04/20

While we’re on lockdown, you might need a bit of magic! J.K. Rowling (author of Harry Potter) has launched this amazing website: harrypotterathome.com

EXCITING NEWS! #JuliaDonaldson will launch her first weekly broadcast TODAY (Thursday 2nd April) at 4pm. The star illustrator on today’s ‘Julia Donaldson & Friends’ is #AxelScheffler. So get the family together and tune into facebook.com/OfficialGruffa

https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zn9447h BBC Bitesize Lessons are coming soon!

Our school meals caterer Chartwells have launched a YouTube video channel #SuperDeliciousSuperYummy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVt3rNe7Dyc&feature=youtu.be

Check out ‘Let’s Go Live with @maddiemoate This week they’ve been exploring our brilliant bodies and in today’s episode they looked at what happens to the body when you get them moving! A great science lesson for all. Monday to Friday at 11:00am! https://www.youtube.com/user/maddiemoate

Why not get your pump on with @thebodycoach? Mr Leach did it last Monday – he hasn’t been able to walk since! https://www.youtube.com/user/thebodycoach1



Check out First News for a free digital download of their exciting children’s newspaper: https://subscribe.firstnews.co.uk/


















Check out these amazing resources from our friends at Apple of My Eye. An absolute cookery masterclass!

Online Course for Early Years Pupils

Washing Your Hands

Food Word Mat

How to Make Rainbow Pizza

Online Cookery Course for Key Stage 1 Pupils

Vegetable Word Mat

Fruit Word Mat

Cooking Word Mat

Cookery Utensils Word Mat

Stripy Salad Pot Recipe

Online Cookery Course for Key Stage 2 Pupils

Dangers in the Kitchen Worksheet

Rainbow Stir Fry for Key Stage 2

Updated – 30/03/20







http://nowpressplay.co.uk/learn-at-home/ (Password: nowpressplay)










Please find linked, a copy of a booklet put together by experts in Community Family Psychology, Neurodevelopmental and Children’s Occupational Therapy, to support children with learning disabilities/ASD with coping with COVID-19 isolation. Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact either Mr Baillie (our Inclusion Lead) or Mrs Findell (our SENCO) – who are still available to support:


Updates from the Local Authority, Government and Other Agencies

Last Updated 18/05/20

Please see below, a letter from Steve Reddy, the Director of Children and Young People’s Services, outlining Liverpool’s city wide position on schools reopening. Our Acting Headteacher, Mr Leach, will be writing to all parents shortly – detailing how this will look for our school, our pupils, families and community. Take care and stay safe. 

Updated 20/04/20

Parenting Coordinator, Chris Cavanagh and @lpoolcouncil Early Help Team have created a fab blog to support families: cultureliverpool.co.uk/parenting-thro It covers a whole-host of areas including: the following areas; ideas for playing together, maintaining a routine and managing wellbeing! Check it out!

Updated 14/04/20

The CAMHS Crisis Team is now offering 24hr support to children and young people who are in mental health crisis. If you, or someone you care for, in Liverpool or Sefton, is under 18 and having a mental health crisis, please call our CAMHS Crisis Care line: 0151 293 3577

New parental controls launched on Netflix. Netflix have launched an update to their parental controls. This blog looks at these new controls, and how parents and carers can use them with their family. bit.ly/2V8Rr8w

Updated 06/04/20


The Liverpool City Council have an ‘Urgent Needs’ Fund for people who are currently experiencing hardship, due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The fund is open to anyone who is experiencing the following issues:

  • People who have no food, gas or electricity
  • People who have received benefit sanctions or who have applied for benefits but haven’t received an award yet
  • People who have been put on Furlough by their employer and are experiencing hardship as a result of the 20% reduction in their salary
  • People who have a number of children at home and are unable to feed them due to school closures
  • Any other issues that cause hardship


The support worker or the person experiencing hardship should call telephone number: 0151 233 3053 to speak to an operator. A series of questions will be asked to determine if the person is eligible for support.  If they are, they or you will be supported over the phone to complete an online application form.  A decision will be given within 2 days of the application being accepted.

The award given does not need to be paid back.

For information on Free School Meals for over the Easter holidays and beyond please see the link below for guidance provided by @lpoolcouncil


f you are caring for a vulnerable family member or friend during the #coronavirus outbreak there is plenty of help and advice available that will support you in your caring role: https://liverpoolexpress.co.uk/advice-and-support-for-carers/ 

Updated 02/04/20

Learn more about social distancing measures: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-guidance-on-social-distancing-and-for-vulnerable-people/guidance-on-social-distancing-for-everyone-in-the-uk-and-protecting-older-people-and-vulnerable-adults 

Some of Liverpool’s childcare hubs, which are looking after the children of key workers, are to extend their opening hours from Monday 6 April. To stay responsive & meet the need of key workers, there are some changes from Monday 6 April. Some hubs are closing due to low numbers, but 9 hubs will now be open from 7am – 7pm.  All hubs will open throughout the easter holidays (inc the bank holidays) subject to demand: https://liverpoolexpress.co.uk/further-changes-to-liverpool-childcare-hubs/ 

It’s been a momentous couple of weeks, affecting how we live & making us all feel overwhelmed… it’s understandable if your children are feeling this too. https://medium.com/liverpool-city-council/overwhelmed-by-everything-youre-hearing-about-covid-19-cd0b0be9715e 

Updated 23/03/20

Please use the following link, to the Liverpool City Council Emergency Planning page – this page has the latest updates and advice from the city council.


ATTENTION PARENTS/CARERS – FREE SCHOOL MEALS UPDATE! Parents/carers of pupils eligible for means tested free school meals will be entitled to collect a weekly £10 food voucher for their child whilst our school is closed during term time, which can be redeemed online or in store at ASDA. To collect the voucher, people should visit their designated children’s centre from Monday 23rd March. For more information, please click the following link: https://liverpool.gov.uk/communities-and-safety/emergency-planning/coronavirus/free-school-meals/



The list of those considered to be Key Workers has been published here: