4B – Miss Batt & Mrs Woodhouse

Welcome to 4B

4B is a class full of positive energy and enthusiasm. We encourage each other to do our best in everything we do and celebrate each other’s achievements and successes with pride. We started the year gaining 100% attendance; winning an extra play time. Let’s hope we keep this up for the rest of the year and we can win the big attendance prizes! You’ve got to be in it to win it!

This year 4B will have lots of opportunities for practical, engaging and fun learning. Memorable experiences will be created throughout the year. This will filter through exciting topics such as the Victorians, Electricity, WW2 and Volcanoes. As well as other interesting opportunities like visiting Chester in search of evidence of the Romans, excavating at the school allotment, accessing all types of forms of technology and working alongside outside agencies such as LFC in sports and Apple of My Eye in food technology. In fact, there’s too many  to mention.

Here’s to a successful and rewarding year.

Miss Batt (Class Teacher – 4B)

4M – Mrs Matthews, Mrs Sainsbury & Miss Conlon

Welcome to 4M.

Welcome to class 4M. In our classroom we will pride ourselves on becoming more independent leaners. We will do this by having an enthusiastic and positive approach to each day motivated by a range of excellent learning opportunities. I aim to create memorable experiences for our children, inside and outside of the classroom, challenging their inquisitive minds in class and with exciting out of school educational visits and trips. We always promote positive behaviour in 4M and use Dojo points to reward children who always try their best and who demonstrate our six core ‘DREAMS’ values.

I’m very much looking forward to the coming year and the exciting topics we will learn about. Learning about South America and Europe and what it’s like to live in these places to learning about Volcanoes across the world and the ferociousness of them. I cannot wait to teach topics such as the Romans, Victorians and the Shang Dynasty, having recently seen the Terracotta Warrior myself. In Science, we will learn about electricity and how it works. These are just some of the excellent and exciting topics we have to look forwards to this year. I know this year will be brilliant and your children will work extremely hard to reach their full potential. Working as a team, will ensure that we all reach our final goals and have an enjoyable time in Year 4 making memories to cherish.

Mrs Matthews (Class Teacher – 4M)

Year 4 Expectations

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Whole-School Curriculum Map

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Whole-School Curriculum Map 2018/19 Whole-School Curriculum Map 2018/19 Whole-School Curriculum Map 2018/19

Year 4 Foundation Subject Curriculum Map

Year 4 Curriculum Map