Florence Melly Community Primary School
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On this page you will find information about our school uniform and the expectations we set. The Department for Education produces statutory guidance on the cost of school uniforms, which all schools must have regard to when developing and implementing their school uniform policy. Florence Melly Community Primary School has taken this guidance into regard when deleting our School Uniform Policy. 

Our School Uniform Policy…

  • clearly states whether an item is optional or required
  • makes clear if the item will only be worn at certain times of the year (for example, if it’s summer or winter uniform)
  • makes clear whether a generic item will be accepted or if a branded item is required
  • makes clear whether an item can only be purchased from a specific retailer or if it can be purchased more widely, including from second-hand retailers

Our School Uniform 

We see school uniform as an essential part of school life. It is a symbol of belonging and something that unites all children in Florence Melly Community Primary School. In recent years we have set high expectations around the wearing of the correct uniform. We set the highest of standards and expect parents/carers and pupils complete support and cooperation. 

Our Uniform Infographic

Please find below a useful ‘Uniform Infographic’ designed to show parents/carers the range of uniform combinations available. This is merely a guide; should you have any questions about our school uniform or different uniform combinations, please contact the school office on 0151 226 1929 or via email: schooladmin@fmp.liverpool.sch.uk.

Purchasing our School Uniform

To help support our parents/carers, branded school uniform can now be purchased through an online booking form. We have recently set up a new partnership with the uniform company – ‘Stitch Design.’ Stitch Design are an online uniform company who will provide high quality school uniform at a lower  cost for our families. Our office staff have spent a significant amount of time researching suppliers and found Stitch Design to be the best option moving forward. All orders for uniform can be taken online with a choice of delivery options. There is no cost for delivery to school, and home delivery varies from free to a maximum of £4.25 (orders over £50 are delivered free of charge).

Our uniform can be ordered on the link below: Online Uniform Order Form.

Alternatively, our uniform can also be bought from the school office or Lisa’s School Wear on Priory Road. 

Lost Property

In order to ensure that your child’s uniform can be returned to them swiftly if lost, it is essential that all labels are clearly marked with your child’s name! When items are found, we add them to our lost property area, Please see your child’s class teacher or a member of the office staff if your child has lost an item of clothing. Each Friday all lost property will be available to view on the playground from 3pm. Any item of lost property that has not been collected within 2 weeks will be donated to a clothing bank or charity shop. 

Preloved Uniform

If you are struggling and need any item of school uniform, please let us know. We have a huge bank of preloved uniform items which have been kindly donated by parents/carers. These are in great condition and are absolutely free of charge. This facility is organised and run by Mr Doyle, our Pastoral Support Officer. Please get in touch with Mr Doyle if you need any help: joseph.doyle@fmp.liverpool.sch.uk