1B – Miss Burnett & Miss Ward

Welcome to 1B.

Our classroom is a happy and friendly place with a positive and tangible energy of its very own. Children in 1B are encouraged to explore the world around them and to make the most of the many opportunities available. We value their different characters and personalities and firmly believe that every child has talents.

I, as their class teacher,  aim to encourage a love for learning by offering a broad, balanced and stimulating curriculum through which our children enjoy a range of rich learning experiences that are not only fun but challenging and engaging. Our core values “DREAMS” ensure our children know that making mistakes is part of our learning journey and they will help us to improve our work and flourish. We all know that “if we can dream it, we can do it”!

Together with parents/carers we can make Year 1 a successful, fun and exciting year for all. Thank you for your continued support.

Miss Burnett (KS1 Lead/Class teacher – 1B)

1H – Miss McCarrick, Mrs Harris, Mrs Stokes & Mrs Moses

Welcome to 1M

In 1M we work as a team to learn and support each other in everything we do. We are part of a great team in Year 1 and our motto is to ‘try everything!  Although the children find it hard to believe, we welcome mistakes in our class, as it is proof they are learning. We understand that making mistakes is part of the children’s learning journey and using our ‘DREAMS’ core values enables them to develop and give them the skills to become lifelong learners. With determination, resilience, empowerment, appreciation, motivation and safety we can achieve ANYTHING – ‘If you can dream it, you can do it’.

We believe that listening to children read is vital. Children are expected to read from their school book every night: parents/guardians can record their child’s progress in their reading record books. Together, we need to challenge every child to read widely and often.

We have a very enjoyable year coming up filled with exciting activities and memorable experiences. We will learn about toys from the past, our bodies and the bodies of animals, Florence Nightingale and many other exciting subjects. The children will learn many skills, as well as knowledge through these subjects and trips out will enrich our learning.

Miss McCarrick (Class teacher – 1M)

Year 1 Expectations

Year 1 Maths Achievement Statements Year 1 Reading Achievement Statements Year 1 Writing Achievement Statements

Whole-School Curriculum Map

 Flo  Flo
Whole-School Curriculum Map 2018/19 Whole-School Curriculum Map 2018/19 Whole-School Curriculum Map 2018/19

Year 1 Foundation Subject Curriculum Map

Year 1 Curriculum Map