2B – Miss Bear & Miss Styles

Welcome to 2B.

2B is the place to be as we value every individual and work as a team. It is a place where mutual respect is nurtured and every child is supported and encouraged to do their absolute best. My class is full of hardworking, eager and resilient learners who are given every opportunity to reach their full potential and dreams. They know that making mistakes is part of their learning journey and using our ‘DREAMS’ core values will enable them to flourish and give them the skills to become life long learners. They understand that ‘ if they can dream it, they can do it’.

A day in 2B is jam packed with memorable experiences which will provide the children with a variety of creative, motivating and fun lessons that will bring the children’s learning to life. My aim and passion is to shape the future of the children in my class by planning and providing lessons and resources that are inspiring, worthwhile and inclusive. My lessons will give the children the experiences and opportunities that they deserve, promoting their inquisitiveness and independence. The children will develop their learning through a variety of exciting topics and will receive regular feedback which will give them important information and next steps to improve their learning.

2B is full of amazing children who are celebrated as individuals and are encouraged to be confident in who they are. Mrs Hughes and I will do everything in our power to get the very best out of the children in our class. I believe that by everyone working together, especially working closely with parents/carers, we can make it a successful and enjoyable year for all.

Miss Bear (Lead Practitioner/Class Teacher – 2B)

2D – Mrs Dentith & Miss Trimm

Welcome to 2D

Our class is a fun, kind and caring class who respect one another and try their best in everything they do. Children in 2D are learning to become more independent and resilient with their work. They are determined to achieve their potential and challenge themselves even further. They understand the core values in school. In 2D, we have high expectations and the children are rising to their new challenges ahead. They are not afraid to make mistakes as they know if we make a mistake we learn from them.

During our time in year 2, we will have an ‘I can attitude’ to learning, which myself and Mrs Trimm will try our very best to support children to gain in confidence in themselves. They will gain many memorable experiences which they may cherish forever.

Mrs Dentith (Class Teacher – 2D)

Year 2 Expectations

Year 2 Maths Achievement Statements Year 2 Reading Achievement Statements Year 2 Writing Achievement Statements

Whole-School Curriculum Map

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Whole-School Curriculum Map 2018/19 Whole-School Curriculum Map 2018/19 Whole-School Curriculum Map 2018/19

Year 2 Foundation Subject Curriculum Map

Year 2 Curriculum Map