Florence Melly Community Primary School
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Arrangements for dropping the children off at the start of the day

Our children do not line up in their classes on the yard. We operate a ‘free-flow’ system where the children can come into the school building from 8:45am. At 8:45am we will open year group doors for the children to use (depending on which year group they are in). Members of our Senior Leadership Team will be on the yard to help guide pupils and parents/carers every morning. 

Our school day runs from 8:55am until 3:15pm. Please make every effort to get your child into school on time and leave them in school for the duration of the school day. We discourage you from collecting them early! We do not want the children to miss any learning opportunities. 

Our school gates open at 8:35am, meaning that you can bring your child/children onto the yard before the year group doors open at 8:45am. These doors close at 8:55am. That leaves a 10-minute window to drop your child/children off. Your child will not be marked late if they are in school before 8:55am. Thereafter, they will receive a late mark.

If your child’s classroom door is closed (they close at 8:55am), please take your child to the main office to be registered. Please do not knock on the door or worse, leave your child outside of the locked classroom doors. It is vitally important that, even if you are a minute late, you take your child to the main school office to be registered. Thank you for your support with this – we really appreciate it!

Our school gates open at 3:10pm at the end of the day. Parents/carers are allowed to wait on-site, ready to collect their child/children at 3:15pm. We politely ask that you do not stand too close to the classroom doors. Rushing towards the doors to collect your child/children will cause bottle-neck situations and result in a longer wait time for everyone. Staff can see you approach and they will send your child/children over to you.

There should be no parent/carer onsite before 3:10pm (unless you have previously agreed with school to collect early). Please do not turn up on the day without pre-arranging an early pick up. Please do not buzz the office and ask to be let in before 3:10pm unless you have pre-arranged an early pick up.

Year Group Timetables

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