Florence Melly Community Primary School
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The ‘Jewels in our Crown’!

Here at Florence Melly we encourage our children to express their opinion, formulate ideas and learn to discuss and debate issues that affect both our school and the wider community.  We encourage all our children to be active citizens and free thinkers, able to understand the important role that they play in society.

The Junior Leadership Team is elected from children in Year’s Three to Six. The children democratically elect one child from each class to represent their opinions. The term of office is two academic years. 

The children meet regularly to discuss issues, volunteer ideas and raise money. 

We are also involved in the Liverpool Schools’ Parliament. Each half term the children meet with other schools across the city in Liverpool Town Hall to discuss city wide issues of concern to children and young people. A variety of businesses, city council organisations and other projects regularly attend the meetings to ask for the children’s advice and opinions on current issues.

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