3M – Mr Mullin, Miss Hibbert & Mr Bartley

Welcome to 3M.

I believe my classroom should be a happy, safe place where pupils can develop their confidence and social skills. In Year 3 we place a lot more emphasis on the children becoming independent and self-motivated learners, laying a foundation for the rest of the Key Stage. During this year the children will begin to develop in their maturity and are expected to enter into greater communication about their own learning. There are many differences between KS1 and KS2 and in Year 3 we endeavour to bridge this transition smoothly in the first term by introducing the children to new structures for their learning, building on the vital skills and knowledge gained in KS1.

We have an exciting curriculum in Year 3 and will be learning about many interesting topics such as: the Ancient Egyptians, light and shadows, local history as well as developing skills in computer programming, music and cooking. I’m sure the children will have an enjoyable but challenging year, the work is more demanding but as I always preach to my class; ‘If you try your best you will succeed!’

Mr Mullin (Class Teacher – 3M)

3S – Mrs Slade & Mrs Tichy

Welcome to class 3S.

This is such an exciting year with so many opportunities to develop academically and personally. As a team, we encourage children with the school moto “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Graduating from Year 2 to Year 3 is a massive change for children and it is exciting and rewarding to see children on their way to becoming young adults as they move from the infants to the juniors.

In Year 3 there are so many amazing opportunities for incredible learning experiences for example; yoga, samba, cooking, choir and Spanish – to name but a few. And topics such as Ancient Egyptians, light and shadows, magnetism and using a compass, broaden our knowledge of the world. There is always something interesting to engage and enthuse.

As class teacher, I believe that children should always be asking questions and be encouraged to follow their interests so that they have ownership of their learning. That is why 3S have chosen to sponsor a guide dog puppy called Harry throughout his training and to follow his progress.

Your children are our future and we are enthusiastically committed to give them all the support we can in a rich learning environment so that each child can achieve their full potential.

Mrs Slade (Class Teacher – 3S)

Year 3 Expectations

Year 3 Maths Achievement Statements Year 3 Reading Achievement Statements Year 3 Writing Achievement Statements

Whole-School Curriculum Map

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Whole-School Curriculum Map 2018/19 Whole-School Curriculum Map 2018/19 Whole-School Curriculum Map 2018/19

Year 3 Foundation Subject Curriculum Map

Year 3 Curriculum Map