Florence Melly Community Primary School
Our website continues to be updated and improved. Have a look at our updated class pages – they are full of key information including updated timetables, curriculum maps and year group specific social media feeds. Enjoy!

School Videos

Is there a better way to show off what we do at our school than through a video? We don’t think so! This page on our website is just for a few videos of the amazing activities we get up to at Florence Melly Community Primary School! If you can DREAM it, you can do it!

BT Sports All Stars Vs Rock Stars – Florence Melly Pupils versus Andy Robertson!

Welcome Back to School – Flo Melly Style – Our Rainbow Day!

Year 6 Graduation 2020/21

Florence Melly Year 6 Leavers Day 2022

Florence Melly Year 6 Leavers Day 2023