Florence Melly Community Primary School
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Our Cultural Capital and Safety Curriculum Offer

Our curriculum is built around six BIG DREAMS, with our core values sitting at the heart. Our core values are deeply embedded into the fabric of our school and we use them as the bedrock for all curriculum developments! 

Our curriculum BIG DREAMS are:

  • Use high-quality texts as the beating heart of everything we do, we develop a genuine love of reading so that our children read widely and often for information and pleasure.
  • Deliberately, explicitly and systematically teach oracy to develop confidence and articulacy so that our children are empowered to succeed in life.
  • Build cultural capital by using the vibrancy of Liverpool so that our children learn from and respect other cultures and appreciate what they have.
  • Systematically teach and expose our children to vocabulary to foster a love of language in order to develop word consciousness across all curriculum areas.
  • Enrich pupils time in school with memorable and unforgettable experiences, ensuring equity for all.
  • Provide a safe and inclusive environment so that our children have no limits to what their ambitions are…if they can DREAM it, they can do it!

We implement our BIG DREAMS through three main curriculum drivers, including our Cultural Capital and Safety Curriculum offer. 

Our Cultural Capital and Safety Curriculum offer draws together:

  • Relationship, Sex and Health Education (RSHE);
  • Our Core Values and the Fundamental British Values;
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing;
  • Our weekly SMSC themes and enrichment trips;
  • Opportunities to teach Safeguarding across the curriculum (including Online Safety).

As part of this curriculum offer, we embed key health, wellbeing and safety messages so that our children are provided with the knowledge and skills to be physically and mentally healthy and safe in school and beyond the classroom. We promote key safety messages including: how to stay safe online, an awareness of child on child abuse and how to recognise the signs of positive and poor mental health. We also ensure that we meet the statutory requirements to teach RSE in schools. More information can be found here: Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Health Education.

Our Whole School Cultural Capital and Safety Curriculum Map 2023/24

Use the following link to access our Whole-School Cultural Capital Curriculum Map for the 2023/24 academic year:

Our Cultural Capital Curriculum Map 2023/24 

Our Approach to Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE)

As a maintained primary school, we must provide relationships education to all pupils as per section 34 of the Children and Social work act 2017.

At Florence Melly Community Primary School, we welcome and embrace this legislation, as we always place a high priority on delivering these essential messages through our vibrant ‘Cultural Capital and Safety’ Curriculum. The inclusion of Relationships, Sex and Health Education represents a huge opportunity to help our children and young people develop. The knowledge and attributes gained by exploring the key themes and topics will help to keep them safe and support their own, and others’, health and wellbeing and help our pupils to become successful and happy adults who make a meaningful contribution to society.

Our policy has been written in accordance with the statutory guidance document: Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Health Education (DfE, 2021). 

The Department for Education guidance states that all maintained primary schools must teach Relationships and Health Education. The teaching of Sex Education in primary schools remains non-statutory, with the exception of the elements of sex education contained in the science national curriculum: including knowledge of the main external body parts; the changes as humans develop to old age and reproduction in some plants and animals. Within the statutory guidance document for RSE and Health Education, the DfE encourages schools to deliver age-appropriate sex education if they feel their pupils need this information.

At Florence Melly Community Primary School, we, in consultation with parents/carers, have decided to teach the non-statutory Sex Education element to pupils in Year 6 only. We feel that this is important for our pupils and this decision has been supported by parents/carers.

RSHE Whole-School Curriculum Overviews

Please use the links below to access our whole-school RSHE overviews. These provide an overview of the topics our children will explore. 

Whole-School RSHE Curriculum Overview 

RSHE Whole-School Programme Progression 

Cultural Capital Curriculum End Goals 

Cultural Capital Curriculum Vocabulary Progression 

RSHE Year Group Curriculum Overviews

Please use the links below to access our Year Group specific RSHE overviews. These contain important information including; what will be taught in each topic, in each year group and the key vocabulary the children will explore. 

RSHE Year 1 Overview

RSHE Year 2 Overview

RSHE Year 3 Overview

RSHE Year 4 Overview

RSHE Year 5 Overview

RSHE Year 6 Overview