Florence Melly Community Primary School
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As part of our Governors’ impact plans for the academic year; it was decided that we would continue to strengthen our school policies, how these are presented to all stakeholders and make the cycle for their ratification and renewal more robust. Please find attached a copy of our policy scheduling document, which clearly shows when our policies are to be presented to our Full Governing Body. 

Statutory Policy Schedule

Please find below, hyperlinks to many of our school policies. These policies are also available, in printed form, from the school office. If there is a specific policy that you have a question about or cannot find, please contact the school office in the first instance. If you have any concerns about how we apply these policies, please contact our Headteacher, Mr Leach, who will be more than willing to help: a.leach@fmp.liverpool.sch.uk.

Accessibillity Plan – September 2023

Behaviour and Relationships Policy – May 2024 

Charging and Remissions Policy – September 2023

Child Protection Policy – Updated March 2024 

Complaints Procedure – July 2023

Debt Recovery Policy – September 2023

EYFS Policy – October 2023 

Equality Objectives – July 2023

Fire Procedures – September 2023

First Aid Policy – March 2024

Governor Allowance and Expenses Policy – March 2024

Intimate Care Policy – October 2022

LCC School Health Safety Welfare Policy – March 2024

LCC Stress Management Policy (adopted) – March 2024

Lockdown and Stay Safe Procedures – February 2024

Lone Working – March 2024

Managing allegations against staff policy and procedures – September 2023

Medical Policy – September 2023 

Mobile Phone Policy – September 2023

Parent/Carer Code of Conduct – March 2024

Positive Handling Policy – March 2024

Relationships, Sex and Health Education Policy – February 2024

Remote Education and Contingency Plans for Outbreaks during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Safer Recruitment Policy – September 2023

Safer Working Practices Code of Conduct For Adults – September 2023

School Complaints Procedure – July 2023

School Uniform Policy – September 2023

SEND Information Report – October 2023

SEND Policy – October 2023

Supporting Children with Medical Needs who Cannot Attend School Policy – October 2023