Florence Melly Community Primary School
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British Values

British Values

At Florence Melly Community Primary School we recognise that our school population is not diverse and that children’s first -hand experience of people from other countries, ethnic backgrounds or religious beliefs is limited. It is therefore essential that we actively promote and teach the importance of respect, tolerance, justice and fairness.

In our Foundation stage, as part of our curriculum, we follow the Early Learning Outcomes. These provide us with guidance that allows us to work towards tolerance, love, respect and caring for others. Here are some key statements that underline our daily practice.

Our children talk about how they and others show feelings, talk about their own and others’ behaviour, and its consequences. All children know that some behaviour is unacceptable. We praise good behaviour and teach the children on how to improve certain behaviours.

Our children play co-operatively, taking turns with others. They take account of one another’s ideas about how to organise their activity. They show sensitivity to others’ needs and feelings, and form positive relationships with adults and other children.

Our children talk about past and present events in their own lives and in the lives of family members. They know that other children don’t always enjoy the same things, and are sensitive to this. They know about similarities and differences between themselves and others, and among families, communities and traditions.

We work towards these outcomes in every aspect of our planning and wider curriculum. Our relentless focus is on developing the children’s social and emotional intelligence so that they understand the key principles of fairness and respect. We hope to give the children the right start to be able to develop into respectful and productive citizens.

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