Florence Melly Community Primary School
Our website continues to be updated and improved. Have a look at our updated class pages – they are full of key information including updated timetables, curriculum maps and year group specific social media feeds. Enjoy!

Our Core Curriculum Offer

Our curriculum is built around six BIG DREAMS, with our core values sitting at the heart. Our core values are deeply embedded into the fabric of our school and we use them as the bedrock for all curriculum developments! 

Our curriculum BIG DREAMS are:

  • Use high-quality texts as the beating heart of everything we do, we develop a genuine love of reading so that our children read widely and often for information and pleasure.
  • Deliberately, explicitly and systematically teach oracy to develop confidence and articulacy so that our children are empowered to succeed in life.
  • Build cultural capital by using the vibrancy of Liverpool so that our children learn from and respect other cultures and appreciate what they have.
  • Systematically teach and expose our children to vocabulary to foster a love of language in order to develop word consciousness across all curriculum areas.
  • Enrich pupils time in school with memorable and unforgettable experiences, ensuring equity for all.
  • Provide a safe and inclusive environment so that our children have no limits to what their ambitions are…if they can DREAM it, they can do it!

We implement our BIG DREAMS through three main curriculum drivers, including our Core Curriculum offer. 

Our Core Curriculum offer consists of:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Phonics
  • Mathematics
  • Science

English at Florence Melly…

Please use the following link to access our literature spine. These are the books that we use as a core text for activities in our English reading and writing lessons. In EYFS, all curriculum areas are underpinned by a high-quality text; these are the books that we use for our structured story time and drawing club sessions.

Our Literature Spine 

Science at Florence Melly…

Use the following link to access our Long-Term Science Sequence for the 2023/24 academic year:

Use the following link to see how Science is sequenced from EYFS to Key Stage 1: Science Long-Term Sequence Early Years Foundation Stage to Key Stage 1.

Use the following link to see our Science cumulative end goals; this is what we want our children to know:  Science Cumulative End Goals.

Use the following link to see the tier 1 and tier 2 vocabulary that we will systematically teach and expose our children to in Science: Science Vocabulary Progression Map