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Attendance Matters – Week 2

Attendance Matters at Flo Melly and this year we have some very exciting new initiatives to help improve our school attendance figures. For example, our new ‘Head to Head’ class challenges and attendance league table. We are already on week 2 – check out the table so far and next week’s fixture list.

This is how each class earns points:

  • Classes receive three points for a head to head win. 
  • An additional bonus point will be awarded to the classes with attendance above 97%.
  • An additional six bonus points will be awarded to a class who has 100% attendance for the week.
  • Classes receive two points for a draw.
  • One point is awarded for a loss. 
  • The team who has a bye fixture will be awarded three points if they beat the school attendance target of 97% (plus an additional 6 bonus points if they hit 100%).