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Important Update from Mr Leach – New arrangements for opening the school gates at the end of the day!

Good afternoon all. It has been brought to my attention the increasing number of parents/carers coming into school to pick up their child/children early at the end of the day. This is causing a huge amount of disruption and having an impact on the pupils’ learning. I would like to remind all parents/carers that the school day finishes at 3:15pm, not before. 

The only time parents/carers should need to pick up early is for a pre-arranged appointment or if you have previously agreed an early pick up with a member of the Senior Leadership Team. For medical appointments, you must contact the school before lunchtime to let them know. The school office will be asking parents/carers for medical evidence of appointments. 

More and more parents/carers are coming onto the school site, sitting on the playground and in the foyer area, waiting to pick the children up; sometimes as early as 2:45pm. We cannot have this happen anymore, sorry. We have lessons taking place outside at this time and it is a safeguarding issue having the gates open and unsupervised adults on site. As a result, we will be changing the times our gates open to make the school site a safer place for your children.

From tomorrow, our gates will open at 3:10pm. Our caretaker will open the side gates at 3:10pm once all children have  returned to class from being outside. At this point, parents/carers will be allowed to come onto our site, ready to collect their children. There should be no parent/carer onsite before 3:10pm (unless you have previously agreed with school to collect early). Please do not turn up on the day without pre-arranging an early pick up. Please do not buzz the office and ask to be let in before 3:10pm unless you have pre-arranged an early pick up.

In the coming weeks we will also be changing the way parents/carers approach the teachers/classroom doors to collect their child/children – adding a safer, more organised system. We will communicate this with you all shortly. 

I hope that you understand why we have put these measures in place. Keeping the children safe is our number one priority.

Thank you for your support and cooperation.

Mr Leach