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NSPCC Number Day on Friday 4th February!

Good afternoon all. We made it (Friday) and I cannot wait for the weekend! Firstly, I need to thank you all! As you are undoubtedly aware, the virus has had a huge impact on our staffing levels this week but we’ve managed to get by and that is because you’ve been so patient and supportive. The number of positive messages I have been sent this week has been unbelievable. Parents have even offered to come into school to help out and volunteer! I have been completely overwhelmed! Hopefully next week will be a little easier. Please do continue to be vigilant and test your child/children as regularly as possible! If they are symptomatic, please take them for a PCR test.

Unfortunately, we just have not had the time to pull a weekly newsletter together this week. Hopefully we will be back up and running as normal next week. 

We do however have an important update about the NSPCC Number Day, which will take place on Friday 4th February. Please see the letter attached for further details: NSPCC Number Day Letter.

Have an amazing weekend. Take care and stay safe.

Mr Leach