Florence Melly Community Primary School
Our website continues to be updated and improved. Have a look at our updated class pages – they are full of key information including updated timetables, curriculum maps and year group specific social media feeds. Enjoy!

Our Support Staff

Mrs D Kane – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Moses – Teaching Assistant

Miss B McAllister – Apprentice

Mrs J Antrobus – Teaching Assistant (not pictured)

Miss N Taylor – Teaching Assistant

Miss C Dalton – Teaching Assistant (not pictured)

Mr K Moore Teaching Assistant/Sports Coach

Mrs L Ward – Teaching Assistant

Miss S Harris – Teaching Assistant

Mrs M McInnes – 1:1 Teaching Assistant

Mr M Grayson – Apprentice

Ms L Styles – Teaching Assistant

Ms M Dean – Teaching Assistant/SEND Support

Miss S Johnston – Apprentice

Miss L Waters – Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Brown – 1:1 Teaching Assistant

Ms D Swift – 1:1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Woodhouse – Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Sainsbury – Teaching Assistant 

Ms G Conlon – Teaching Assistant (not pictured)

Miss C Stokes – 1:1 Teaching Assistant (not pictured)

Miss V Griffiths – 1:1 Teaching Assistant (not pictured)

Mrs D Church – 1:1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Quinn – Teaching Assistant (not pictured)

Mrs A Tichy – Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Hughes – Teaching Assistant (HLTA)

Mr R Bartley – 1:1 Teaching Assistant (not pictured)

Ms S Wilson – 1:1 Teaching Assistant (not pictured)

Ms K Speers – 1:1 Teaching Assistant

Ms M Campbell – Teaching Assistant/Pastoral Support Assistant/EHAT Lead

Mr J Doyle – Deputy DSL/Family Liaison Officer/Mental Health Lead