Florence Melly Community Primary School
Our website continues to be updated and improved. Have a look at our updated class pages – they are full of key information including updated timetables, curriculum maps and year group specific social media feeds. Enjoy!

Our Teaching Staff

Mr A Leach – Headteacher

Mr K Baillie – Assistant Headteacher 

Mrs C O’Keefe – Assistant Headteacher 

Miss N Bear – Assistant Headteacher (not pictured)

Mrs A Hourihan – Teacher

Miss C Latta – Teacher/EYFS Lead (not pictured)

Miss S Batt – Teacher/RE Lead

Mrs J Doyle – Teacher/Art and Design Lead

Mrs N Cotter – Teacher

Miss C Hibbert – Teacher (not pictured)

Miss K Burnett – Teacher/Phonics Lead/KS1 Lead 

Miss L Doyle – Teacher/Music Lead

Mr J Mullin – Teacher/Science Lead

Mrs J Foley – Teacher/Reading Lead/Joint KS2 Lead

Mrs C Matthews – Teacher/MFL Lead

Ms L McCarrick – Teacher/DT Lead

Mr S Derbyshire – Teacher/Humanities Lead

Mrs T Dentith – Teacher/PE Lead

Ms A Byott – Teacher/Maths Lead/Joint KS2 Lead

Mr J Southern – Teacher/Computing Lead

Ms R Findell – Teacher/SEND Precision Teacher

Miss L Revuelta – Spanish Specialist (not pictured)

Mrs M Wright – Cookery Teacher (not pictured)

Mr N Maloney – Computing Teacher (not pictured)